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013: Hilary Bryant & Ashley Rowe – AFTERING

In this episodeTim talks to independent filmmakers, Hilary Bryant and Ashley Rowe, about their creation Aftering. Together they explore this new web comedy depicting the life of Dawn, a divorcee who magically receives an eccentric divorce fairy named Astrid, who helps navigate the difficult yet hilarious days following the end of marriage. The duo also discuss their big moves to L.A., mindset shifts from theatre to film, and the challenges of independent film production (especially during a pandemic). Other subjects include: toys from childhood, favorite movies and songs, and how the certain little things that make your day better can become redundant during prolonged global crisis.



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Hilary Bryant, guest

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Ashley Rowe, guest

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004 – Jordan O’Neal & Kristen Malisewski: FABLETOWN

In this bonus episode of Strutting & Fretting, Tim has a fantastic chat with executive producer/actor Jordan O’Neal and actress Kristen Malisewski from the upcoming web series Fabletown. They dive into how the series came to be, all the local talent involved, and what you can do to help its production! They also discuss Basil Rathbone, the Duke and Duchess of Cheddar, and the regretful invention of Twitter.

Finally, Kristen, Jordan, and Tim make their own fairy tale come to life right before your very ears!  

Jordan, Kristen, and Tim during podcast recording! FABLETOWN logo

Emma Van Lare as Snow White Holly Dacke as Cinderella

Kristen Malisewski as Beauty Jordan O'Neal as Bigby Wolf


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Jordan O’Neal, guest
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