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010: Kinsey Britton & Bill Shafer – MAMMA MIA!

In this feature-length episode, Tim talks to actors Kinsey Britton & Bill Shafer about the Players Theatre Company production of Mamma Mia! They have a great time discussing the emotional roller coaster that is this high energy jukebox musical. Additionally, they talk about marine biology, pheromones, dancing with lobsters, Eagle Scouts, disgusting smells, and Kinsey and Tim swap pretty awesome ghost stories. In the second half, Kinsey recounts her experiences as a singer and actor and we ask Bill about his time with Disney and teaching theatre.


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Ep. 1 – Amy & Jared Barnes from Haven Arts Theatre

In the premiere episode of Strutting and Fretting, we talk to Amy and Jared Barnes, the creators of Haven Arts Theatre. We discuss their dreams for this new venue, which looks to collaborate with a multitude of artists, dancers, singers, actors, playwrights, and directors from Houston. They elaborate on their first original production: “Come Alive,” their Kickstarter page, and their experiences as actors and choreographers.

Just for fun, we also discuss a few unrelated subjects – including artificial intelligence, the “Great American Novel,” and other tangents. Finally, Jared and Amy round out the hour with an askew performance from Much Ado About Nothing.